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Friday, August 18, 2017   /   by Ruben Abrego

The 5 Top Home Buyer Turn-Offs of 2016

By Cheryl Litton
8 min read
Selling a home in today's market can be a bit frustrating. There are all sorts of home staging and property preparation advice out there, and some of it seems daunting or impossible to follow unless you already live in a haute home or have a serious bankroll set aside to whip your place into shape.
You can't turn a rancher into a Victorian – so don't bother trying. But you do have more control than you may realize over how desirable your listing looks to potential buyers. In order to know what turns a buyer on you need to know what turns a buyer off.
Here are 6 big-time turn-offs that make buyers cringe at the thought of purchasing your home.
1. Cluttered, dirty and/or  "fragrant" houses. You already know this one. Every seller does. Yet, even in 2016, the era of Houzz and HGTV, buyers across America walk into homes that would make your mother cringe every single day. The people who come to see your home are making one of the bi ...

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