Empty Nest Syndrome...

Empty Nest Syndrome...

For the past many years they raised their children in their  massively beautiful six bedroom home. Now, they felt trapped. *A real story from real clients of Ruben and Cheryl.

She was a semi-retired baker and he was a retired roofer. For the past many years they raised their children in their massively beautiful six bedroom home. However, after fifteen years of raising their young ones, they soon noticed, one by one, each room of their enormous house became vacant and empty. They eventually found themselves plagued with the dreaded but ever so notorious "empty nest syndrome".

Definition: Empty nest syndrome is a feeling of grief and loneliness parents may feel when their children leave home for the first time, such as to live on their own or to attend a college or university. -Wikipedia

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Unable to handle the vast emptiness of their cavernous home filled with years of children-raising memories, they started to interview realtors in the area to start the selling process. However, one barrier they were advised of when they initially purchased their home over a decade and a half ago was the extensive duration of selling in their neighborhood. They were advised it would take months, maybe even an entire year, to finalize the process of selling because of how slow their real-estate market moved.

This was going to be a huge issue since they also wanted to keep as much of the money they have stored into the equity of this home. After multiple, tedious interviews with the realtors they contacted, they soon felt as if they were doing much more work than they initially anticipated. One realtor advised they should lose some of their money by bringing the cost way below the market. Another realtor made them work to get their house listed, as if the realtor was the owner of the house! Unbelievable. It soon appeared they were reaching a hopeless dead-end. It soon appeared they would need to lose a lot of their hard-earned money just to get this massive home off their hands.

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Their daughter, who left the nest many years prior made a suggestion. She, now an owner of two homes, suggested her parents go through her realtors. After experiencing the frustration of the other annoying realtors, they welcomed her advice with open ears and open arms. Exhausted, yet knowing they must sell their home, they called their daughter's realtors. Ruben and Cheryl were their names. Pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and ease of their new realtors, they turned everything over to them. Ruben and Cheryl skillfully and promptly took on the entire selling process allowing the over-burdened couple to relax.

Six weeks later, the massive house sold. And, for the exact amount they wanted. Today, they reside in a much more appropriately-sized home while their many children journey into the world raising their own families. It's hard to believe this retired couple were once trapped in a home that was just too big for the two of them. Now, thanks to Ruben and Cheryl, they're free. Not just financially. But, entirely.

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