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Ruben is absolute professional, he went above and beyond on all aspects of the strenuous process of buying a house. He is extremely friendly, efficient, realistic and an advocate for all the way and then some. His wife Cheryl who provides passionate and compassionate clients care with style, grace and knowledge and always readily available to guide us through the process buying or selling and able to handle complex transactions ( we had several twists and turns), also a consultant on any aspects of Real Estate. She was very responsive via text, phone and email. Great experience and many thanks to Ruben and Cheryl team!

Steve & Vera T.

Ruben and Cheryl are very professional and knowledgeable; they work hard, always pick up my calls when ever I have any question; they know the market well, I chose them after interviewed few agents, they are the best. as a single mom and nurse, I have crazy busy schedule, they were helping me set up the marketing strategy and sold my house with the best price! I am very happy, I can move on with my life now. Thank you Ruben and Cheryl

Xue W.

"Absolutely unrivaled work ethic. I believe my house was probably the hardest to sell in the market but with Ruben and Cheryl's perseverance and extensive knowledge and experience, they made it happen! It was a miracle! I definitely recommend Ruben and Cheryl if you need any help with selling your property in Southern California."

Joe T.

Ruben kept me sane through the process of selling our house and buying another house all while trying to close both houses within 3 days of each other. He was always available when we needed him. He went above and beyond on many circumstances. Both my husband and I work full time (and I travel) and have 3 kids with a very busy schedule. Ruben took a lot of the load and stress off of us. When things needed to be fixed in the house, he had the resources at very decent prices. Ruben is fair and honest and just an all around great guy. I recommend him to my family members and friends as the Best Realtor ever. I feel very lucky and blessed to have met him.

Telani Pannell

Ruben has been a great realtor for my wife Jennifer and I. He has given us great advice on homes that other realtors would simply try to sell you on. My wife and I met several realtors and Ruben has been the most honest and genuine. We have met his wife and daughters and they are all great people. His wife gives great advice, and is very knowledgeable on home upgrades and what things to look out for. She will literally walk through the house, turn every light switch, and let the water run in the sinks to ensure they have proper pressure and the drains work as they should. I would undoubtedly recommend Ruben to my family and friends.

Jennifer P.

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