The Downsizing Traveling Couple

The Downsizing Traveling Couple

Chelsea and her husband wanted to live a more fulfilling life. Ruben & Cheryl made that happen. Not just once, but many times... *A real story from real clients of Ruben and Cheryl.

Life was becoming monotonous for them. With her traveling around the country as an analyst for a financial software company and he as a helicopter mechanic for the government, they didn't have much time to care for their 2,500 square foot home. They felt they were running a 'rat race' they could not get out of. Chelsea and her husband needed help to get out and coincidentally they found it with the ones who originally sold them their home; Ruben & Cheryl.

Previously, they lived in a condo. However, they had the urge to own their first home. They searched for realtors to assist with selling their condo so they could make this happen. After some time searching, they came across Ruben & Cheryl.  Soon after contacting them, they both quickly got to experience their genuine friendliness yet professional demeanor. In comparison to their initial experience with the realtor who sold them their condo, they realized they had a real-estate team who was unrivaled. No longer was buying or selling a house a partnership, but a friendship. 

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While searching for their home, they came across many homes they thought they would like. However, even though they wanted to put down an offer on some of these homes, Ruben & Cheryl slowed them down to provide the pros and cons of each property. They were provided with just as much information as the home inspector did and it made them feel they weren't being rushed. They felt they could truly make well-balanced decisions. This experience lead them to see Ruben & Cheryl weren't in it to make commission, rather they were in it because they truly cared.

However, as years went by with their new home, they realized they needed to re-evaluate and re-engage what they both wanted in life. Since they couldn't take care of this mega-property with a very large yard, they decided to sell it and position themselves to where they can easily travel. They reached out to Ruben & Cheryl again for their help. Of course they wanted to help and soon after, their home was sold. Both Chelsea and her husband were relieved to finally have the opportunity to travel like they were in their twenties again ...this time with money.

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Now, they reside in a tiny part of downtown San Diego called Little Italy. They have a 1,000 square foot apartment they can simply step out of and right into the European atmosphere their neighborhood resonates. One day, they dream to travel Europe and even reside there as well.  With many of their extended family members residing in Greece and Italy, this may happen quite soon. One of the islands along the Mediterranean Sea contains land owned by their family which they dream to soon build a custom home on this property and fully retire. However, before all this, they want to thank their real-estate friends; Ruben & Cheryl for always putting their best interest first. Due to the unrivaled quality of service they provided, Chelsea and her husband can now be on their way to their happily ever after.

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